Mixed pile forming method for high-bearing one-stage club-footed pile



The present invention relates to construction of building pile foundation engineering, and is especially mixed piling process of one-stage under-reamed pile with great bearing capacity. The extrusion piling process includes the following steps: erecting prefabricated reinforced concrete immersed pile head on ground, pressing immersed tube onto the reinforced concrete pile head, immersing the immersed tube into hardpan to design elevation, drawing upwards the immersed tube to designed distance, forming base space and taking out soil, pouring the base with concrete, setting the prefabricated pile stem with steel dowels in the lower end, withdrawing the immersed tube and injecting cement mortar to around the pile stem. The pile has the ratio between the base diameter and the pile stem diameter as great as 5-6, deduction coefficient up to 0.9-1.0, high material strength utilizing rate, great bearing capacity and other advantages.




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