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US-2010202323-A1: Path establishment method, access network switching method, access network switching apparatus, mobile station, and proxy access network switching apparatus patent, US-2010326458-A1: Hair Ornament patent, US-2013077252-A1: Electrical connector assembly patent, US-2013132066-A1: Techniques for performing translation of messages patent, US-2014082668-A1: Television message system patent, US-2014118519-A1: Methods and systems for capturing biometric data patent, US-2014230797-A1: Charge air cooler, and intake manifold including the same patent, US-2014355564-A1: Reducing signaling during ap to ap handoff in dense networks patent, US-2010243312-A1: Equipment container retention and bonding system and method patent, US-2011264454-A1: Adaptive Transition Frequency Between Noise Fill and Bandwidth Extension patent, US-2012067061-A1: Bleed valve patent, US-2013182426-A1: Replaceable bracket lamp tube and lamp head cover patent, US-2014144327-A1: Apparatus for separating spent drilling materials patent, US-2010197474-A1: Machine for the manufacture of bags patent, US-2011032441-A1: Segmented polarization control panel patent, US-2012133066-A1: Device for regulating deformations of the bed of a geometrically aerodynamic mold and molding method with this device patent, US-2012204476-A1: Bed bug monitor patent, US-2014008382-A1: Item pusher apparatus with channel-based shuttle displacement detection and associated methods patent, US-2014077723-A1: User-actuated lighting effect device patent, US-2010287876-A1: Method for installing an elevator and method for installing the guide rails of an elevator patent, US-2011270934-A1: State transfer for instant messaging system with multiple points of presence patent, US-2015007589-A1: Secondary cell module using direct hydrocooling and cooling method thereof patent, US-2010272179-A1: Video encoding/ decoding method and apparatus for motion compensation prediction patent, US-2011161073-A1: System and method of disambiguating and selecting dictionary definitions for one or more target words patent, US-2011201952-A1: Method and apparatus for sensing improvement using pressure data patent, US-2011257964-A1: Minimizing Speech Delay in Communication Devices patent, US-2011273522-A1: Printing apparatus and method of installing printing apparatus patent, US-2013227321-A1: Method and apparatus for cache control patent, US-2013306694-A1: Adaptable support arrangement for a pickup truck patent, US-2010203062-A1: Methods and Compositions for Treatment of Neovascularization patent, US-2011044284-A1: Energy-Saving Mechanisms in a Heterogeneous Radio Communication Network patent, US-2011204648-A1: Windmill with blades with passageways from hub to tip patent, US-2011289203-A1: Sip monitoring and control anchor points patent, US-2012280545-A1: Thoracic back support patent, US-2013008191-A1: Methods for freezing and thawing proteins patent, US-2013090790-A1: Acquisition of in-vehicle sensor data and rendering of aggregate average performance indicators patent, US-2013163442-A1: Methods and apparatus for initializing a network connection for an output device patent, US-2011172013-A1: User interface processing apparatus, method of processing user interface, and program for processing user interface patent, US-2011272052-A1: Rodent Guard patent, US-2012297970-A1: Modular rail system and firearm with modular rail system patent, US-2015044935-A1: Toy system for sending and reading secret messages patent, US-2013025774-A1: In-line lamination of heavy-gauge polymer sheet with a pre-formed polymer film patent, US-2013125200-A1: Method of securing data in 2D bar codes using SSL patent, US-2014345330-A1: Method for heating glass sheets, and glass tempering furnace patent, US-2010129013-A1: Guide Rail Having Base Rail And Gear Rack, Method Of Making Same, Guide Assembly Including Same patent, US-2010198275-A1: Force sensing distal femoral alignment system and method of use patent, US-2011180512-A1: Accurately Monitored CMP Recycling patent, US-2011211059-A1: Contact microscope using point source illumination patent, US-2013092434-A1: Integrated shielding protector and wire harness patent, US-2014227884-A1: Process and apparatus for treating surfaces of wafer-shaped articles patent, US-2013190075-A1: System for monitoring and playing a plurality of live casino table games patent, US-2010240982-A1: System for the Assessment of Sleep Quality in Adults and Children patent, US-2011018098-A1: Semiconductor Constructions patent, US-2011091157-A1: Three-dimensional macro-chip including optical interconnects patent, US-2011271673-A1: Exhaust system for a combustion engine patent, US-2012160995-A1: Spectral calibration method and system for multiple instruments patent, US-2010169353-A1: System and methods for unit of measurement conversion and search query expansion patent, US-2011137933-A1: Resource search operations patent, US-2011238945-A1: Apparatus and method for generating code overlay patent, US-2010225854-A1: Liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display apparatus using the panel patent, US-2012300317-A1: Fixed-focus projection lens patent, US-2012325957-A1: Ultra-rapid air vehicle and related method for aerial locomotion patent, US-2013313333-A1: System of support thrust from wasted exhaust patent, US-2010256926-A1: Systems, Methods, and Apparatus for Rub Detection in a Machine patent, US-2010282115-A1: Selectable effect warhead patent, US-2010167500-A1: Method of recycling an epitaxied donor wafer patent, US-2011218833-A1: Service class prioritization within a controllable transit system patent, US-2014215733-A1: Gutter broom and gutter broom system patent, US-2010179732-A1: Vehicle door close/open assist and anti-slam device patent, US-2013058396-A1: Video encoding control method and apparatus patent, US-2010223862-A1: Multi-purpose auger-type anchoring system patent, US-2011048614-A1: Electrochromic devices, assemblies incorporating electrochromic devices, and/or methods of making the same patent, US-2015090506-A1: Power transmission device and hybrid construction machine provided therewith patent, US-2010222140-A1: Game validation using game play events and video patent, US-2010163766-A1: Bistable valve patent, US-2010190607-A1: Exercise device integrally incorporating digital capabilities for music, light, video and still imagery, heart rate measurement and caloric consumption patent, US-2013276409-A1: Process and Apparatus for Increasing Stacking Strength of Film Wrapped Articles patent, US-2011167565-A1: Support surface assembly and tensioning method for a sleeping person patent, US-2011205375-A1: Digital camera with integrated accelerometers patent, US-2010151911-A1: Integrated telecommunications handset patent, US-2011051396-A1: Lenticular film and backlight modules for use therewith patent, US-2011098092-A1: Video game with representative physical object related content patent, US-2012175041-A1: Bonding method patent, US-2014265220-A1: Low Profile Derailleur For Chain Driven Personal Vehicle patent, US-2010177471-A1: Add-on device for a network device patent, US-2010225031-A1: Liquid or hydraulic blow molding patent, US-2011217722-A1: Photo-damage apparatus and methods for sorting particles patent, US-2010214894-A1: Optical Medium with Added Descriptor to Reduce Counterfeiting patent, US-2012316640-A1: Device And Method For Improving Function Of Heart Valve patent, US-2010281312-A1: Server-based notification of alarm event subsequent to communication failure with armed security system patent, US-2011162849-A1: Method and System for Determining Formation Properties Based on Fracture Treatment patent, US-2013061644-A1: Apparatus for automatically returning a lock to a desired orientation patent, US-2011219974-A1: Overprinting System and Method patent, US-2010216258-A1: Method for measuring dopant concentration during plasma ion implantation patent, US-2010161200-A1: Fuel control system and associated method patent, US-2011207550-A1: Method for Surface Treating a Golf Club Head patent, US-2010162624-A1: Capillary hydration system and method patent, US-2011233701-A1: Photoelectric conversion device and solid-state imaging device patent, US-2010170965-A1: Blast Nozzle with Blast Media Fragmenter patent, US-2014190751-A1: Method and System for Drilling with Reduced Surface Pressure patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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